You’re not alone. We’re here to listen.

Immediately after an abortion many people feel a sense of relief. Later, they are often surprised to find that abortion can be a traumatic experience. In some cases “post-abortion stress” symptoms (such as flashbacks, nightmares, depression around the anniversary of the abortion or potential due date, bonding issues with living children, eating disorders, intimacy problems) don’t appear for many years.

Every abortion story should include healing and a testimony of God’s love and power. If you have had an abortion, you may feel alone with the memories of your experience. We offer individual and group opportunities to help you through the recovery process. Additionally, we realize abortion is not just a woman’s issue and leaves both sides wrestling with the aftermath of this traumatic event. Men can also find freedom and healing throughout our programs. You are not alone. We are here to listen.

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Recovery Resources

We offer a post-abortion recovery ministry called Save One along with referrals to Deeper Still and Surrendering the Secret ministries. Save One offers Bible studies for women, men, and family members in small group or one-on-one sessions for those who have been impacted by abortion. Deeper Still is a post-abortion recovery retreat for women and men who have experienced the pain in connection with abortion. Surrending the Secret is a Bible study at a local church. For more information, please contact Myra Mansfield at 865-483-0099. All calls will remain confidential.

Post-Abortion Resources

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