Pregnancy is not just a woman’s issue.

Generally, people consider pregnancy a “woman’s issue.” However, Choices Resource Center recognizes men also need assistance to support their partner in making important life choices. Research suggests many men are confused when confronted by their partner with a potential pregnancy. The important thing to remember, whether the pregnancy test is negative or positive, is respect.

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If the pregnancy test is positive, a stand-up guy will:

Remain by her side. Don’t pick this moment to break up with her! She needs your support. Whether you stay together forever does not have to be decided today, but right now, she needs you.

Expect to be part of the solution. SHE’S carrying the baby, but you are BOTH parents. You have an obligation to love and support that baby regardless of your relationship with her.

Seek wise counsel from knowledgeable sources. Pregnancy Resource Centers will help you examine all of your options and supply you with information to make the best decision.

Prepare to tell parents and others close to the situation. Think through the relationships you have and how best to tell each person. It’s good to have a plan rather than just blurt it out.

Express yourself honestly. It’s normal to have feelings of anger, frustration, fear, disappointment and it’s OK to express that, but it should not be directed AT your girlfriend and should NOT be a rant and rave session.

Care for her! She is scared and overwhelmed. Reassure her that she is not alone.

Tell no one until she is ready. Let her take the lead in how and when to let others know.

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If the pregnancy test is negative, a stand-up guy will:

You may have dodged the bullet this time, but maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your lifestyle. A Stand-Up guy respects his girlfriend in this case, too.

Re-examine his relationships. Are you taking time to really get to know women, or is it a game to see how far you can get them to go?

Evaluate priorities. What are your goals in life? A promotion at work…keeping your scholarship…starting your own business? How would an unplanned pregnancy affect that?

Spend time with other people. You know what can happen when the two of you are alone. There are just some things you can’t do when you’re hanging with friends in a public place!

Protect her reputation. You know how guys like to talk- boast about their “conquests”- even let other guys THINK there are things going on when there aren’t. Just ignore them and keep your mouth shut!

Express yourself with honesty. Don’t say you love her just to get what you want. She deserves to hear the truth and needs to know she can trust what you say.

Care for her! Little things mean a lot. Show her she’s an important part of your life.

Treat her like a lady. Be a gentleman; be polite. If you say “I’ll call you”, DO IT!

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