Bottles for Babies


The “Bottles for Babies” campaign is a way in which families or individuals can be involved in the ministry of helping young women who face unplanned pregnancy.

Families or individuals take a bottle home or to work and place it in a visible spot, like the kitchen counter or breakfast table. This way they have a reminder to pray for the safety and salvation of fathers, mothers and their children. Then, as led by the Lord, individuals can put their change, checks or cash in the bottle as an offering to help individuals who seek assistance through Choices Resource Center.

How it works: Bottles will be available for your church to distribute around Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and Mother’s Day each year. Each family will keep the bottle for about a month and will then return it to the church. Choices Resource Center will collect the bottles at that time. All money collected will be used to support outreach to young men, women and their babies.

If your church would like to participate in the campaign, please contact Amber by email- or call 865-483-0092