You’re not alone. We’re here to listen.

Immediately after an abortion many women feel a sense of relief. Later, they are often surprised to find that abortion can be a traumatic experience. In some cases “post abortion stress” symptoms (such as flashbacks, nightmares, depression around the anniversary of the abortion or potential due date, bonding issues with living children, eating disorders, intimacy problems) don’t appear for many years.

If you have had an abortion, you may feel alone with the memories of your experience. Through Choices Resource Center’s Healing Hearts program, we offer individual and group opportunities to help you through the recovery process. You’re not alone. We’re here to listen.

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Healing Hearts “Deeper Still” Retreat

Healing Hearts offers a confidential retreat for the Christian woman who has personally experienced abortion. Nestled in the great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, come as you are and wait expectantly at the Lord’s feet. In His loving presence, and the presence of other ladies who have walked your path, you will be free to go deeper with God. Registration and meals are provided at no cost to you. For more information, please contact Myra Mansfield at 865-483-0099. All calls will remain confidential.

Oak Ridge, TN Post-Abortion Recovery

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